In addition to study, research and updating workshops, the Academy carries out publications and concert activities, education projects in artistic professions.

Special Project

Regional Institute of Artistic Professions

The project starts with the “Bottega del Liutaio”, followed by the “Bottega del Mastro Organaro”, the “Bottega degli Strumenti Storici a fiato” up to the most current jobs related to multimedia: stage video maker, sound engineer, passing through historical professions such as theatrical tailoring, costume designer, orchestra professor …

School of Arts

Creation of a fully equipped laboratory/school of arts, which is also a place of sharing and coworking, which connects students with companies and future artisans with enterprises, to facilitate the exchange of ideas, the birth of new projects and new opportunities to enter into labour market.

In addition to the traditional learning approach, the project also promotes technological and digital teaching.

The Laboratory/School of Arts

It is the space created on the idea of “share, learn and make”, a meeting place that also becomes a place of learning and experimentation.

Young students with professional , professors and companies, they all meet to create synergies, to facilitate the exchange of ideas and the birth of projects.

Arts and Crafts Lab

A school that provides education offer on site (musical instruments, computers, audio console … etc, sewing machines for theatrical costumes, construction materials for small settings).

 Lessons divided into three bands:

-Basic: free online lessons for the first basic notions;

-Medium: paid lessons (low impact) to complete learning courses of arts and crafts;

-Large: paid lessons (premium rates) to complete the educational path. People involved: Teachers, tutors, administrators, marketing