The concert events, with particular attention to the musical and artistic repertoire of our region from 1600 to 1800 up to the great melodrama, planned by the Erard Academy  – “The Marca Harmonica” are the final result of a path whose beginning takes place through three highly structured phases:

Search for public and/or private music archives and sourches;

Elaboration, critical review and edition of unpublished material with possible study days and conferences;

Performance of the repertoires in concerts offered to the public, often in absolute contemporary premieres, with original instruments of the time or faithful copies of them.

During the concerts, audio/video recordings are carried out.

Number of concerts: 30 (per year)

Performers: Orchestras, soloists, chorus, chamber ensable

Staff involved: 80 units

Places: Cupramontana, Maiolati, Staffolo, Apiro, Cingoli, Jesi, Fabriano, Ancona, Pesaro, Filottrano, Padua, Urbania, Naples, replicas to define